Design Studio

Home Design Studio

We had a vision to create a unique space where our customers, suppliers, and crew could come together to design and inspire. The Design Studio is that space. The Studio was created with home in mind. From the Kitchen displays to the mudroom built-ins; it’s a space where clients can touch, feel, and visualize how rooms come together in a cohesive, unique, and beautiful way.

Over the years our clients have welcomed us into their homes and now it’s our turn to invite them into ours. The Studio offers products from some of the best manufactures, showcases Lew’s craftsmanship and boasts our design capabilities.

We work one on one with our customers, from design phase through installation and finish work, while helping our clients stay within their budget and time constraints.

The Design Studio provides a home base for Conant Brothers and a starting point for our clients to bring their projects to life.

Chris Conant

Lewis Conant