About Us

About Conant Brothers

Conant Brothers Construction is a family owned and operated business. We have more than 30 years of experience specializing in designing spaces that reflect our clients’ personality, lifestyle and budget. We bring the necessary skill-set, creativity, craftsmanship and the highest level of customer service for each of our projects.


It takes some people years to decide what they want to be when they grow up. Other people spend their entire working career yearning for retirement. Carpenter and craftsman Lew Conant considers himself truly lucky to have spent his entire career doing exactly what he looks forward to doing when he retires.

Lew graduated from Kaynor Technical High School in 1981 where he learned carpentry and woodworking. Following graduation he took additional courses and apprenticeships. He worked with a variety of tradesmen and craftsmen throughout his early career where he developed his skills in building, remodeling and renovating residential properties. He rapidly mastered the techniques and tools of his trade and always exceeded the expectations of his employers.

Lew established Conant Construction Company in 1985 and partnered with his brother Chris in 1999 to form Conant Brothers Construction. He has enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with architects, interior designers and homeowners to transform their visions into reality. For those who don’t have a particular design in mind, Lew always has a wide range of suggestions and solutions for every situation. He is also especially adept at repurposing reclaimed building materials and found objects to add a distinctive touch and special character to his projects.

Lew enjoys spending time with his family and friends, often in the midst of DIY projects. He and Bonnie, his wife of almost 30 years, are active in their church and other volunteer organizations. Lew is a down to earth man who takes great pleasure in using his skills to enhance the lives of those he meets.


Painting his first porch at the age of 10 opened up a world that his older brothers already knew.

After attending business school, Chris was offered an apprenticeship with a large property management company in Hartford, CT. His background in the trades coupled with his business acumen gave him the tools needed to succeed. It didn’t take long before he was running projects and managing employees and subcontractors.

When the opportunity arose to work with his brother Lewis, Chris knew it was the perfect career progression and partnership. In 1999, Lew and Chris formed Conant Brothers Construction, LLC. Chris runs the day to day operations of the business. He leads and manages each project, from client meetings, managing subcontractors, developing timelines to quality control. Chris plays a vital role in their success by driving sales and continually developing the overall direction of the company.

Chris is a Licensed Construction Supervisor, as well as a Licensed Home Improvement Contractor. When he’s not running a project, or designing a kitchen, you will find him taking in a ballgame or spending time with his extended family.